Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hi, all

I'm Brie (briezee on the knittyboards, but I think I've posted maybe a total of twice since September). My interest in Nautie is due to the fact that 75 – 80% of the stuff I knit is stuffed animals. I've been knitting since last October and have made half a scarf, 3 socks, a mini sock, 6 teddy bears (4 simple one piece guys and 2 from The Knitted Teddy Bear), and a set of 5 mini stuffed chickens. (I'll finish the scarf and the other sock sometime…)

I started the Nautie last night and after a couple of stumbles finally figured it out. I wasn't able to get the shell to form with the stripe pattern. I then tried it single color and it was better, but had a hard time handling the DPNs with the yarn (I was using Caron Simply Soft and I almost have to use plastic needles with that yarn, but all I could find was metal). So I ended up finding a ball of hand painted sock yarn (in blue and dark grey) and some size 1s. And it's working much better. I'm up to row 40 on the shell (about 30% there). Stuffing has been interesting, but I've gotten a lot of practice with the other toys. (The chicken family I did last weekend gave me a lot of practice stuffing mini-objects.)

It's a cool pattern and the shell part is pretty simple. I'll let you know when I get to the face.


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