Sunday, April 16, 2006

'nother nautie - more increases

Work in progress...
This one has 2rows light green, 1 row dark green... increase in every 3rd row, up to making a stitch in 2 of 3 rows in the last several pattern repeats... Hey Beth, if you're watching, did you experiment with rate-of-increase? I like stubby by the way. This is stubby the spiral version - looks almost like a cartoon, he's so chubby. Guess I shouldn't be too worried about morphological accuracy in cotton invertebrates.

What I want to knit:
Impossible ammonite
But I'm hoping that just stripping will look kinda like this:
Potentially possible ammonite

Thanks for everybody's comments!! Nauties are way more fun than grad school. This is a seriously bad trend if it continues.


Blogger Angsoka said...

I love the yarn you use! You are going to have a very beautiful nautie!

8:35 AM  

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