Thursday, April 13, 2006


Introductions first, I suppose.
I'm Megan. I'm 24 and have been knitting since last summer.
In order to support my knitting habit, I work as a substitute teacher while I volunteer at the local zoo as a docent.

I am a science geek at heart so Nautie was right down my alley. I saw it on Knitty and made a mad dash for my stash.

My first Nautie is in a pretty rainbow yarn with a bright blue face. He is almost finished (pictures tomorrow hopefully), all i need is the i-cord pieces. He is intended for the 3 week old baby of a fellow science geek who also happens to be an old friend. I can't wait to ship him to his new home and make one for myself!

I was surprised at how easy it was to coil once I got a hang of it. i wasn't quite sure where exactly to place my m1 and include the coiling stitch so half of this first one is twisting a bit while the other half seems to have straighter lines. I love experimenting with the patterns the first time around! (why is it so hard to actually stick to a pattern????) I'm also horrid at sewing and seaming so i picked up stitches for the face instead of making separate pieces. To my relief, it worked swimmingly!

I suppose that's it for now since it is waaaay past my bedtime.

Happy Knitting! Cheers!


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