Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mango here!

Reporting for nautie! Hah, that's so much fun to say...*ahem*

Well then...hi, I'm Mango, young'n at 16.5 years on earth and six years on the needles. My Gamma taught me to knit, twice actually, and my favorite thing about my personal knittyness is that I am an ambi knitter. Yup, both "normal" styles with both hands. Hurrah! And I love knitting with DPNs. Love it. Apparently, this is kinda abnormal. Whatever. I've been a fan of Knitty since I stumbled upon it one boring summer...I think it might have been during the "Sex and the Knitty" issue, odd. I frequent the boards, well, lightly stalk them, under the same identity here and am easily recognized by my (stupid) blond kitty Spaz, featured in my avatar.

Oh yeah, and I'm a nerd. Big time. Was in Science Olympiad for three years, and will be giving one of these to my former Fossils coach. Have a couple of molds of these guys somewhere, I believe. Or was it a cast? I never get those two straight. Eh.

Will be starting the, oh...six little buggers I have planned tonight while at my Gamma's house. She's got some stash she wants to vacate the premesis...


Blogger Sherry W said...

Woo! Stash diving! Have fun!

6:33 PM  

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