Monday, May 08, 2006

half done nautie

This is the third time I've cast on stitches to knit this Nautie. I actually like how the yarn (Noro) looks this time, so I'm sticking with it. Last two times I tried a teal colored cotton. I didn't collect the random stitch and curl up my shell as I worked along because I had to go back and sew together the beginning curly part; my I-cord was not taut enough. And my make ones weren't well thought out. There were gaps. It looked like a Nautie giving birth to something not Nautie.

I finished the shell. But It doesn't seem big enough or swirly enough. And I knitted six rounds of the head. But I'm taking a break. The Noro I used is rough on my index finger. Maybe using larger needles would help. These are US 3. I don't have two US 4 cirular needles to make it on. And DPNs are out of the question. Knitting with a thimble covering my finger felt odd. So, I'm taking a break and hope to finish its face and have better photos in a week or so. I'll post again then.

Will probably post here, but if not, you can catch the next one at bekka.


Blogger Sherry W said...

That happened with my icord too, I could never get it tight enough. I find that if you stuff that part really lightly and pick up the stitches so the shell curl hides any holes, your OK.

10:03 PM  

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