Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another Knitty Nautie!

Say that five times fast! I finished up my Nautie. I've dubbed her, Julsey. What a fun, fast knit! I see many more of these in my future. I'm also thinking, couldn't this pattern be modified to make a snail? Hmmmm.... Great pattern, Beth!

More details on my blog.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Max the Mollusk

I would like to introduce you to Max the Mollusk, aptly named by my husband. I am pleased with how Max turned out, plus he was fun and easy to knit. Out of sheer laziness I simply changed colors when it came time to knit his head instead of knitting it in a separate piece or binding off and then picking up stiches. I like the way his head and tentacles look in pink, but I want everyone to know that it was actually my husband that chose that color, so that the nautiloid would look less "scary."

Happy Nautie Knitting!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Contest results

Kellie won the drawing for the stitch markers!

Kellie, drop me an email with your address and I'll send them out.

suite of cephalopods

Sorry for the washed out picture, but here are my three Nauties! the green face spiralled one was increased every 3rd row, you can see this made him have a huge head by the time the coil was approximately the same radius as the green & yellow one. He's more cartoonish this way I guess. My friend's office mate walked in while we were playing with them (shake them and they seem to dance, like muppets? never mind). and said he was sure I could sell them at the paleo conferences for at least $15. tempting but NO.

The exciting news is that I made these for a foram-picking pal and gave them to her today. She loves them! Soon they'll be hanging (swimming?) around her office. And we made a date on saturday to get together and work on patterns for forams. This might be a bit out there for your average marine invertebrate enthusiast but I'll let you know if we write anything that works. Thanks to Beth for turning me onto the invertebrate knitting concept. so many possibilities....

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sexy bobble Nautie

Hi, Here is sexy bobble Nautie looking for the ladies. OK, maybe I would add more bobbles to make them look less like little blue flowers next time. He's still pretty cute though (I think he'll do OK)... Took longer than I expected, luckily it was raining all weekend here in CT. More photos. Kellie

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Ok folks, here is the prize:

A set of no-snag stitch markers! They are made of real shell, crystal, glass pearl, and bubble beads. They are very light, so they can be used on small needles and will fit on larger needles up to about a US 10.5.

1) Just post a reply to this topic before April 25th at noon, EST
2) You must be a member of this KAL (your name appears on the sidebar).
Feel free to join us before the contest deadline if your lurking!

I'll randomly select a winner Tuesday night.

Friday, April 21, 2006

more nautie goodness

this is my next nautie. i like the coil of my first one, but i thought i'd try something a little different. i've gone for more of a conical (?) shaped shell. it's great, but the yarn i'm using isn't as thick as the first one so there is some stuffing showing through. oh well

So far so good...

This is where I'm at with Nautie. I'm using Cascade Fixation. The face will be some solid color I have yet to determine. Needles are size 4s. I like the pattern well enough but... I think I should have used a thicker yarn for this project. I'm sure to make another so I'll have a chance to improve. Using cottonballs is cheap but I'm wondering about the washability of such a thing. My kids play the heck out of their toys so I know this little gal is gonna need a bath sooner or later.

Another angle:

Nautie in progress

Hello all, here is my nautie so far, he is being knit with some Malabrigo I had leftover so he is sooo soft and cozy. I love this pattern, it is a really fun project.


Coming soon!
The first (and maybe only) nautie contest!

You must be a member of the KAL to play, so if your lurking and not, join this weekend!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Finished Nautie

I somehow managed to mess up the easiest part: placement of the eyes. I guess I put them on what's supposed to be the "chin" ... anyhoodle, here's a picture. His name is Zoidberg. [two more pictures]

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Maybe i am just really tired..but i think i am messing up the nautie....i start it and it looks fine..i split the i cord and then start adding and growing my little nautie...i check it and it is showing purl stitches instead of knit after i start knitting in the round..
Can anyone help? I feel like a goof for asking because it's not like i havent ever knitted anything before...but HELP!!!!

Nautie progress

Here's the one I've almost finished. The eyes are still missing. I'm supposed to have a bag of craft eyes lying around somewhere but I can't find it.

Here's my first experiment with a patterned shell. This is a chevron pattern with purl rows in between. Perhaps I should be using smaller needles with this yarn as the stuffing can be seen. My first finding in the pattern experimentation is that yarn-over increases are a big no-no as they leave holes through which you can see the stuffing. I'm using "make-one" increases instead.

Monday, April 17, 2006

I have some crappy pictures of Nautie on my blog

I finally started Nautie this weekend and got a few rows done at least. I was pretty busy, so I didn't get to do much. I posted some blurry pictures of the little guy on my blog. It's

I liked how the yarn is creating a stripey pattern for the shell too. I'm pretty happy with that. Happy Nautie making!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

'nother nautie - more increases

Work in progress...
This one has 2rows light green, 1 row dark green... increase in every 3rd row, up to making a stitch in 2 of 3 rows in the last several pattern repeats... Hey Beth, if you're watching, did you experiment with rate-of-increase? I like stubby by the way. This is stubby the spiral version - looks almost like a cartoon, he's so chubby. Guess I shouldn't be too worried about morphological accuracy in cotton invertebrates.

What I want to knit:
Impossible ammonite
But I'm hoping that just stripping will look kinda like this:
Potentially possible ammonite

Thanks for everybody's comments!! Nauties are way more fun than grad school. This is a seriously bad trend if it continues.

It's a nautie shell

I wasn't able to get as far this weekend as I wanted before I had a flare up of cubital tunnel syndrome (affects the pinky and ring finger). I was happy that I managed to get the shell done, though it will be a couple days before I'll be able to do the face.

I'm using fingering weight yarn on size 1 needles. I'm doing a solid color shell rather than a striped one. This shell has the full amount of increases (up to 36 stitches around). I'm using Crazy Monkey Yarn, a hand-painted yarn made by a girl in my knit group.

stumpy baculite

This is one of the first nauties I made; I increased every row instead of every 4 rows. Christie reminded me of it when she said she was considering a baculite that increased every other row.

I think I started this one from the wide opening and decreased toward the point. I hadn't figured out the face yet, either, so it's a little lumpy. Yes, I eventually gave it eyes :)

Picking up stitches for the face is totally cool. Anything that eliminates a seam is awesome in my book.

Fun fact: I read that nautiloids in the Ordovician could have up to a hundred tentacles. Me, I get kinda bored with I-cord after 8 or so :)

couple o' little nauties

I made these smaller than the pattern called for - fewer repeats, and small cotton yarn on size 3 dpns. The baculite is about 9 inches long (not counting the tentacles). I shouldn't be posting them before they have eyes but what the hey. They're for my pal Heather who got home today from her first research cruise.

The green one was done with one solid color and one varigated yarn.

I made the heads by picking up stitches inside the finished shells rather than knitting them separately and sewing them together. Next time I would increase the baculite faster, like maybe every other row instead of every 4th. Definitely making more of these...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

From Gamma's House

This is what I have done, from knitting off-and-on at Gamma's the past couple days. I think I'm on the last of the 29 repeats-bit of the curliness. Don't remember. :p

So what should I name it? I'm sure some of you recognize the green and yellow yarns there...I thought perhaps Nautie needed it worse than the scarf did...

I knit so much Thursday that somehow, I lost feeling in the pad of my right ring finger :p. It's like just now coming back.

I had to finish

I couldn't leave my Nautie without a face.

Come on over to blog to read about Grandpa Nautie's Day Out!

Friday, April 14, 2006


I hate i-cord. it just never turns out as neat as the rest of my knitting. It took forever to knit those tentacles!

Anyway, enough complaining

here's my first completed nautie -->
it isn't the best picture of him, but the ones with better angles, etc all have other projects in them.

i wanted bright colors and boy is he bright!

i'm going to start a more pastel-ish nautie for myself tonight.
this was just too much fun!

Another Nautie on LJ

I'm still working on the shell of mine (about 80 rows in of the ~130 row needed). I'm doing mine in fingering weight and it looks like mine will end up the size of my palm.

There was another nautie posted on the knitting community over at livejournal. This one is pretty interesting in that the knitter used beaded eyes and did the shell in reverse stockinette. ('Nother Nautie)

(I hope it is okay to post the couple that I've found.)

Binding off the shell

I'm binding off the shell now. I don't think I'll get to the body this weekend, so some of you may finish before me!

I was thinking that it would fun to dye some self striping Nautie yarn for the next Nautie. The thickness of the stripe would change as the stitch count increased, but it could still be neat. I'll post details if I do it.


I'm a french knitter and I'm 19.
(Sorry if there is lots of mistakes, I hope my english isn't too bad)
I have been knitting since last autumn and I really like it!
I have a bachelor's degree in science so I knew and love Nautiles!
When I saw the Nautie pattern on Knitty, I knew I will knit lots of them.
Here is the beginning of my first Nautie. I will knit the face in blue yarn.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Introductions first, I suppose.
I'm Megan. I'm 24 and have been knitting since last summer.
In order to support my knitting habit, I work as a substitute teacher while I volunteer at the local zoo as a docent.

I am a science geek at heart so Nautie was right down my alley. I saw it on Knitty and made a mad dash for my stash.

My first Nautie is in a pretty rainbow yarn with a bright blue face. He is almost finished (pictures tomorrow hopefully), all i need is the i-cord pieces. He is intended for the 3 week old baby of a fellow science geek who also happens to be an old friend. I can't wait to ship him to his new home and make one for myself!

I was surprised at how easy it was to coil once I got a hang of it. i wasn't quite sure where exactly to place my m1 and include the coiling stitch so half of this first one is twisting a bit while the other half seems to have straighter lines. I love experimenting with the patterns the first time around! (why is it so hard to actually stick to a pattern????) I'm also horrid at sewing and seaming so i picked up stitches for the face instead of making separate pieces. To my relief, it worked swimmingly!

I suppose that's it for now since it is waaaay past my bedtime.

Happy Knitting! Cheers!
Someone over on livejournal posted a picture of a completed nautie:

Nautie Nautie over on the Livejournal knitting community.

She used chunky yarn and large needle and only increased to 18 stitches. It looks pretty good.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

veritas' dreams of the nautie

i now already have two requests for nauties, without even making one for Me yet!

step 1. in my plans is to get some stuffing. need that stuffing, right?
step 2. get some lovely, cheap and nasty acrylic.

step 3. hope to all that is holy my misaddressed knitting needles i got from ebay show up.

then it's time to nautie away.

big ones small ones ones as big as your head.

Brie's progress

I'm not quite as far a long as Sherry is, but here is my Nautie so far (as of 7 rows ago):

It's not quite big enough to use cotton balls with. :) I'm fairly close at this point to having increased to half of the stitches needed for the shell.


Here is progress on my Nautie:

Just a few more increases to go on the shell.

BTW, if you forget to bring your stuffing to knitting circle, cosmetic cotton balls from the pharmacy work fine!

Mango here!

Reporting for nautie! Hah, that's so much fun to say...*ahem*

Well then...hi, I'm Mango, young'n at 16.5 years on earth and six years on the needles. My Gamma taught me to knit, twice actually, and my favorite thing about my personal knittyness is that I am an ambi knitter. Yup, both "normal" styles with both hands. Hurrah! And I love knitting with DPNs. Love it. Apparently, this is kinda abnormal. Whatever. I've been a fan of Knitty since I stumbled upon it one boring summer...I think it might have been during the "Sex and the Knitty" issue, odd. I frequent the boards, well, lightly stalk them, under the same identity here and am easily recognized by my (stupid) blond kitty Spaz, featured in my avatar.

Oh yeah, and I'm a nerd. Big time. Was in Science Olympiad for three years, and will be giving one of these to my former Fossils coach. Have a couple of molds of these guys somewhere, I believe. Or was it a cast? I never get those two straight. Eh.

Will be starting the, oh...six little buggers I have planned tonight while at my Gamma's house. She's got some stash she wants to vacate the premesis...

Nautie ideas

Since the use of stitch patterns came up, I just wanted to point out some ammonites that may be interesting models. You geologists and paleo geeks know that ammonites and friends evolved some really crazy shell textures and shapes. I was thinking of these guys on my walk to work today and how I could perhaps make different shell textures in knitting.

Perhaps alternate purl and knit rows?

Don't forget the heteromorphic (partly curled) guys:

In the Cretaceous ammonites went nuts with external and internal shell development. Maybe as a defense from sea reptiles?


Internet explorer users

Whoops, sorry IE users. I don't use IE usually and I just noticed the sidebar wasn't showing properly in IE. It should be OK now.

BTW, if you don't like your name/nickname I posted on the sidebar, drop me a comment or an email and I'll fix it.

Back to knitting my Nautie!


I finally figured out how to add the button! Yahoooo!
Now I need to begin my Nautie!
I have two nephews and one son of my very own and I am soooo excited to make them some stuffed animals that are fun like these...I just wanted to say hello to everyone!
Thanks for the hint about the pattern..I will get back in a few days and let you all know how they are coming along!

Hello from Iceland

I'm Eyja and I haven't been much on the Knitty-boards so far, except for the occasional lurking. I'm a manic knitter, and while I rarely make stuffed animals, something about Nautie appeals to me. I'd love to try making a few versions of nauties experimenting with different pattern stitches and get rid of some of my yarn stash while I'm at it.

Hi, all

I'm Brie (briezee on the knittyboards, but I think I've posted maybe a total of twice since September). My interest in Nautie is due to the fact that 75 – 80% of the stuff I knit is stuffed animals. I've been knitting since last October and have made half a scarf, 3 socks, a mini sock, 6 teddy bears (4 simple one piece guys and 2 from The Knitted Teddy Bear), and a set of 5 mini stuffed chickens. (I'll finish the scarf and the other sock sometime…)

I started the Nautie last night and after a couple of stumbles finally figured it out. I wasn't able to get the shell to form with the stripe pattern. I then tried it single color and it was better, but had a hard time handling the DPNs with the yarn (I was using Caron Simply Soft and I almost have to use plastic needles with that yarn, but all I could find was metal). So I ended up finding a ball of hand painted sock yarn (in blue and dark grey) and some size 1s. And it's working much better. I'm up to row 40 on the shell (about 30% there). Stuffing has been interesting, but I've gotten a lot of practice with the other toys. (The chicken family I did last weekend gave me a lot of practice stuffing mini-objects.)

It's a cool pattern and the shell part is pretty simple. I'll let you know when I get to the face.

Hi everyone

Hello to all you nautie fans out there. When I saw that there was going to be a KAL for the ammonite pattern on knitty, I knew I had to join. I'm a geologist and I work for my state's geological survey. Paleo has always been my love. I've always been fascinated by dinosaurs, but my real love is moroccan fossils, especially ammonites, orthoceras, and the thousands of species of trilobites. I also have a passion for knitting. When I saw nautie, I knew I had to make some. Me and my coworker already have acrylic yarn sitting around the office, so on our breaks, we're going to knit up some of the cute little ammonites.

Thanks for letting me join. Can't wait to see how everyone's nauties turn out!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I've already heard about an error in the pattern! For the face, you should be decreasing three times each row, and the number of stitches between decreases will always get smaller. After 7 stitches you have 6, then 5, then 4, then 3, etc.

The error is that the "knit 5" and "knit 4" lines were duplicated, so it looks like your stitch count should go up. It shouldn't - just keep decreasing smoothly. I notified the editor; hopefully they'll correct it soon.

UPDATE: it's now fixed on the Knitty page.


We have a KAL button from LaBean! Thank you! He's over on the sidebar!

Hello, hello

I thought I'd say hi to everyone!

First, I'm Sherry, or lunastrixae on the Knittyboards. I've never hosted a KAL, so if you have any suggestions for the blog, corrections or want to make a button, please feel free!

Second, I love Nautie because for many years I was a part time educator, docent, and fossil preparator at a local natural history museum. Pretty much I helped clean and restore fossils, mostly from the Cretaceous, and spoke to kids and adults about geology, dinosaurs and cool dead things. The most recent project of mine was to help mount a fossil crocodile skeleton at my old university.

Third, I also grew up in Ithaca, the same place as the designer (Beth) of Nautie! Neat, huh?

Finally, I have a stash of worsted weight yarn bits, and I plan on starting my Nauties tomorrow. I'm sure once they are spotted by my museum pals, I'll be making tons of them.

Enough about me, what are your 'nautie' plans?

Monday, April 10, 2006


Welcome to the Nautie KAL! The blog for fans of knitted Ammonites and Baculites!